Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Climbing in the Ariege - The Granite of Auzat

Beladonna on La Sabine at Auzat - F5c+
Spent the morning at Auzat in the Vicdessos valley... Although the rest of France seems to have been flooded out, we managed to get in a good mornings climbing, with only a few spots of rain to dampen that lovely granite.

When the weather is better then Auzat is one of the best places for climbing in our part of the Ariege... The reason being that during the summer months it is nice and shady, when south facing crags such as Calames are  just to hot. Another good thing about Auzat is that it is family friendly... Lots of flat areas, an easy walk-in and climbs starting from just French grade 2+ (there are also plenty of climbs around F4 to 5)... Perfect for top-roping the nippers.

And no family trip to Auzat would be complete without Jon and Deb's gas stove... churning out endless cups of tea...

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